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Mark Allert

Mark Allert

Vice President

College sweethearts, Mark and Deana were married almost 30 years ago, after first meeting in a Psychology of Modern Life class at Texas Lutheran College (now University). They have one child, almost done with college at Cal State Fullerton, studying to work with the law one day – so proud!

They’ve lived and worked in Corona for almost 20 years, Deana directing Foster Family Agencies, and now a Senior Supervising Paralegal in Immigration Law. A pastor in the Lutheran tradition for almost 20 years before turning full time to the world of financial services with Thrivent Financial, Mark often marveled at just how many stories Jesus told where money was a key factor.

Interning with a congregation in Alaska, and serving local churches in Upstate New York and Corona, he has loved taking the inspiration of God’s generosity from the altar and pulpit to the work of our generosity at the kitchen table, to plan for ourselves, and likewise our neighbors as ourselves. Here in Southern California where housing is especially precarious, this is especially true when it comes to loving our unhoused neighbors as ourselves.