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Luis Garcia

Luis Garcia

Board Member

Hi, I’m Luis Garcia the Operations manager for Seamless Flooring. Seamless Flooring provides flooring to the multi family industry. I lead a team of employees to bring the best of their abilities to assist our customer base.  My passion for helping others and determination has allowed me to enter my Nineteenth year in my industry. 

I’m also the father of four beautiful children. My oldest Marlene is twenty five and received her bachelors and masters in science from San Diego State University.  Mia is nine, along with Marie that six and finally my son Elijah that turned one.

I studied at Rio Hondo college for E.M.T and business management in 2001. I graduated from Warren High School in the city of Downey in 1999.

As a hobby I organize a group of fanatics for the Dallas Cowboys. I host watch parties, charity events and autograph parties with players of the team. I love what I do. I get to meet amazing people from all over. 
As far as my professional accomplishments. Ive been awarded employee of the year 2017 , and 2018 back to back years. Im certified in many programs for the flooring industry such as Installation, Quality control and moisture testing.

My goal is to continue to help others end poverty. As a child born to immigrant parents that had practically nothing when we came to the U.S. I know what it feels like to have a lot missing in your life. My mission is to feed one neighbor at a time and to be a beacon of light for those in need.