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Greg Olney

Greg Olney

Board Member - Treasurer

Greg Olney is a business and management professional with over 30 years in management of Finance, Operations, Client Service, Project Management, and IT with companies ranging from multi-million dollars to multi-billion dollars. Formerly, he was a CFO of a construction company for a decade, was a Senior Director for an entertainment company where he handled global compensation, and also represented Automatic Data Processing for 22 years where he was Director of Shared Services and Technical Services Executive for the West.

He has authored multiple books centered around change management – The Transition Game, Commitment to Change, Why Change Fails, and The Restoration Process along with his most recent book, The Great Distraction, to be released in 2023. Greg founded a business called GONATELLE, a business improvement consulting company, which has a mission to GO and provide Needs Assessment and Transition to the next Echelon while understanding Lessons Learned and Executing solutions by affecting change in family and business organizations to increase margins, improve net worth, and champion asset growth.

Greg lives in the Southern California area and utilizes his time with his wife and children while doing volunteer work. He also holds his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from California State University, Long Beach, and in the past has attained his CPP and insurance licenses.