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Angels Over Cliffs Partners With The City of Corona to Help Address Homelessness

Our City Council allocated millions of dollars to fund outreach, shelter and  housing but the city cannot address homelessness alone and that is why Angels Over Cliffs and other local organizations have played a key role in partnering with our City of Corona. Angels Over Cliffs raises private sector funds to address needs and gaps as the city’s funds only go so far and the demand always out paces the need.

City of Corona Launches 2020 Homeless Strategic Plan

The City of Corona is pleased to feature a photograph of Cliff and Angela Hair on the front cover of this plan. Cliff and Angela were willing to share their amazing story of transformation to provide hope and inspiration to Corona’s homeless neighbors and the public and private stakeholders that will partner with us to improve the quality of life in Corona.

For more information: City Of Corona Launches Homeless Strategic Plan, July 16, 2020